Polarys Polska is primarily about the people who make up our team and our people make us unique.

According to the 2023 Polarysian Census:

32% of Polarysians are women, 68% are men.

16% of us belong to Gen X, 71% are Gen Y and 13% represent Gen Z. Sometimes it is an explosive mixture but also a geyser of creativity and productivity.

We have 10 children in our Polarys family in total, coming from 8 parents among us. We feel fully supported by our company in life and family planning.

We are animal lovers, we have 13 cats and 17 dogs in the company in total, and for each of them there is always a special place in our office.

We are art connoisseurs and have a whole gallery of images on our bodies, 17 tattoos speak for themselves and the collection is still expanding.

We are green and ready to get rid of cars, preferring to use public transport, bicycles or electric scooters. The office located in the center of Cracow makes it possible.

Great Place to Work

Our company has been awarded the Great Place to Work® certificate. Almost 90% of our employees have confirmed that Polarys Polska is a great place to work.

Our values


We are able to adapt to changing conditions and transparet in communication.


Each employee participates in shaping the organizational culture, working conditions, and their career path.


We are creating an atmosphere and conditions of cooperation in which everyone is accepted, and can count on help from others.

Career paths

Business & technical



Have you ever heard this question during an interview, „Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” We know how difficult it is to answer such a question, especially at the beginning of your professional career. Based on our employees’ experience, we propose potential career development paths that show you a wide ranging variety of opportunities at our company. The final decision is yours but you can expect full support from us along your chosen career path.

I started my career at Polarys Polska in January 2018, while I was still a bachelor student, and travelled a full career path, from a Trainee to a BI Architect. During the first few projects my knowledge and experience was growing exponentially.

I learnt a lot about ETL, dashboard, employee and manager reports and implemented Azure Data Factory solutions. Throughout my professional career, I have worked for a number of international customers in exciting business areas and thus I consider myself an expert in bonus models, merit based annual salary review and budget planning processes.

For the last 2 years I have been focused on data architecture, analyzing needs and proposing solutions that extract business value from data.

Sebastian Dziula
Senior BI Architect

Job offers

Recruitment process

Senior BI Consultant

A BI Consultant, which will be part of a larger project team and will bring a new quality to the tasks entrusted to them.


Data Engineer

An experienced Data Engineer for our UAE based client. The ideal candidate will not only have extensive technical knowledge, but will also demonstrate knowledge of financial markets and investment portfolio management schemes.


BI Tester/QA

BI Tester who will be responsible for testing and bring new quality to assigned projects. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to build our growing testing team, introduce test automation and work side by side with the development team throughout the project lifecycle.


Data Engineer

You will become part of an international data team in a project to develop modules for automated, AI-based, linear TV coverage forecasting. This solution will help you make better decisions about placing the right content on the right channel at the best possible time.


BI Developer

You will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of developers who work with internal and external clients at various stages of the project life. From discovering business requirements, through the architecture of the best solutions, to the execution of code that will bring the solution to life and help our clients make better decisions in the future.


Junior BI Developer

You’ll help us with code maintenance, testing, and developing new features. You’ll also be asked by customers for assistance with understanding their application. This job involves contact with clients, but don’t worry, it’s not a hotline 😉


Take five steps to become a part of Polarys Polska

#1 Applying

Send us your resume.

#2 Phone call

We need up to 5 days to screen your resume, a contact from the recruiter follows immediately after that, with an invitation for a short conversation about your goals and previous experience.

#3 Tech interview

During the tech interview you can expect a discussion on technical topics with our expert. It is also a good opportunity to meet with our technology stack.

#4 Meeting the Manager

During this meeting you will be able to introduce yourself more personally, share with us your expectations for your future role and find out more about our team and daily work.

#5 Final decision

Congratulations! You are now a part of the Polarys team!


We work in a hybrid model, but we don’t follow specific rules. We like to meet face to face, but the frequency of working in the office depends on individual needs and preferences.

Nowadays, we no longer see remote work as an advantage or a limited perk, but as our new work reality. Based on very good experiences, we make it possible for everyone who wants to cooperate with us this way. However, we are happy to have an opportunity to meet colleagues at our office from time to time, to talk face to face and to go out partying together.
You can work as you think is best for you, as long as you can join your meetings (online).
It depends on you and your situation – we do not restrict any form of cooperation. Our candidates mostly have the freedom to choose between a contract of employment, B2B or a mandate agreement, but we can advise which type is beneficial for you at the given moment.
If it comes to an employment contract, the first one is concluded for a probationary period of three months. As for the B2B contract, it is concluded for an unspecified period.
Basically, we are offering 2 models of cooperation with our customers and partners in which our employees are involved. In the project delivery model, all decision making power regarding a team composition falls to us and candidates are not necessarily recruited for the existing projects. In the sourcing model, we are more closely tied to our partner’s project specifications and often look for employees with a specific project-oriented skillset. Switching between models is often possible for our employees. This enables us to see both models in a long term perspective.
We work with our international partners based on the nearshore model, which in its original formula assumed up to 20% of the partner’s working time on site, but since the pandemic it has evolved into 100% remote work. So there may be a need for an on-site visit, but according to our experience most partners are comfortable with remote working.
Currently most partners cooperate with us fully remotely. However, business trips may happen, there is no need to travel more than a few times a year.
Currently, our team in Cracow is composed of approximately 40 members who every day work jointly on international projects together with more than 150 of our colleagues, mainly from France, but also from the United Arab Emirates. Small enough to stay agile, and innovative and big enough to be acknowledged as an international expert team in data intelligence.

Young talents

Done with studies and can’t wait to dive into professional life? Find out the right place for your talents and get support in the development of the skills required for data jobs.
I joined Polarys Polska almost a year ago. It was my first job in IT and within a short time I was promoted from a Business Intelligence Trainee to a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant.

During this time I have had an opportunity to get to know the ICM technology and use this knowledge working on one of our customers’ project.

In addition, I have improved my SQL Server competences.

As a BI consultant, I am responsible for our partner’s technical support, as well as for the development and optimization of the customer’s system. Working with an experienced and qualified team at Polarys gives me an opportunity to continuously and rapidly improve my competences.
Mikołaj Wojewoda

Junior BI Consultant

You don't see the position you are aiming for? Send us your application and introduce yourself. We are always looking for people full of good energy and passion!

You don't have to wait for the job interview to talk to the recruiter. I am here to answer your questions and share my knowledge with you.

Based on my experience, I can offer valuable tips for the job application or interview and explain the employer’s perspective to you. I am also open to tell you more about our company and discuss the recruitment process or current job opportunities.
Agnieszka Jakubiec
IT Recruiter