Can AI replace the profession of a recruiter?

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It all started in 1956. The term „artificial intelligence” was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 at Darmouth conference. Since its popularization in the last decade, the world has been divided into its supporters and opponents. It arouses many extreme emotions because it can break common ethical rules and revolutionize the world; it can replace technological processes and, consequently, professions. Does it also threaten the Recruiter’s profession? How far in the future will companies decide to use artificially created recruiters / recru-boots?

Tools for people or people for tools?

Recruiters are already successfully using tools that use artificial intelligence to find the perfect matches. Thanks to AI tools, recruitment processes go faster – it means that companies can generate greater profits. AI tools improve many aspects of recruitment, e.g. applying for a job offer, properly synchronized with the system, Candidate Experience (view of current application status, faster feedback). For recruitment specialists this is a great convenience, which allows them to search for appropriate candidates using keywords. The objectivity of recruitment may also be improved and subjectivity removed at the selection stage. AI guarantees significant time savings. Will this be enough for the recruiter profession to cease to exist?

What do the Experts say?

Check out our Expert’s opinion – Bartosz Górny, who has several years of professional experience in the IT industry and at #TeamPOLARYS specializes at AI projects:

In my opinion, the profession of a recruiter, like all other professions related to working with a computer, will be largely improved rather than excluded. It will result in increased work efficiency and, as a result, less demand for recruiters.

However, the entire recruitment process is based not only on verifying facts, but also often on sales skills or getting to know the potential candidate in terms of his or her mindset and determining what kind of person the candidate is and what values he or she is guided by. After all, working in a team is not just about technical skills. AI can be deceived based on the questionnaire, and based on our brain focused on relationships with people, we are quite good „lie” detectors and for now we are better at verifying emotionality.

Ultimately, however, if the recruiter is replaced by AI, perhaps we should look at it more broadly… If AI replaces humans, who will we recruit?

The future starts now

In the Future Progress in Artificial Intelligence survey as many as half of the experts interviewed believe that there is a 50% probability that AI will reach human levels before 2040. The prospects for the development of artificial intelligence in the HR area are promising. With whole technological progress, the demand on the labor market increases and, as a result, the recruitment demand increases. Undoubtedly, AI will play an increasingly important role in the process, but humans and their emotional experience are necessary for contact with other people. The algorithms created by AI are often not flawless – after all, there is also a human behind them.



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