Jobicon 2022 – news from the Polish IT employee market

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This year’s spring edition of the Jobicon job festival was a great opportunity for us to bring up to date our knowledge of the IT job market in Poland. The individual meetings and webinars on career paths in data intelligence and the situation of young talents we offered, not only attracted a lot of interest, but also inspired us to briefly summarize the event from an employer’s perspective.

Data intelligence is still a niche

It turns out that candidates still have a rather limited awareness of the technology and development opportunities in data intelligence. While the Polish IT landscape is still dominated by software development and maintenance services, data technologies are now at the forefront of the global demand. What is more, it is a very interdisciplinary field with many professional profiles that are just emerging and others that are not yet known. For a brief history of data intelligence and a few words on the development outlook, see the article Data intelligence experts – a passing fad or the professions of the future?

Junior with 10 years of experience

Beginnings can be difficult, even in the IT industry. The pandemic has certainly contributed to the decline of young talent. A young person entering a company is a great unknown for the employer. However, the so-called young talents are not only recruited from the youngest generations, often the age and work experience contradict the definition of a junior. The article: Juniors on the IT market – current challenges, explains the reasons for the temporary crisis, and in the article: Why didn’t you get a job again?, you can find out 3 possible reasons that give you tips on how to improve your chances of finding a job.

Technical and non-technical roles

The IT industry is not just about programmers. Soft skills and many other competences that are definitely associated with other areas of professional life are also widely used in everyday work in IT. However, there is a prevailing belief on the labor market that entry into the IT industry is only possible through technology. We address this belief in the article: A chance for a second professional life in IT.

We know how difficult it is to plan a career in IT while standing on its threshold. A person with experience, who knows the industry and is able to indicate, with respect to candidates, what is of value to the employer, could provide very valuable advice. That is why we reiterate our invitation for a coffee with a recruiter and encourage you to stay in touch with us.



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