Why didn’t you get the job again? Find out 3 possible reasons

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A variety of factors affect the outcome of your job search, with not all of them up to you. There is nothing you can do if a more experienced candidate has been selected. However, there are many aspects of the recruitment process that only you have control over. If after submitting your application you receive invitations for interviews, but none of them is successful and you do not receive any constructive feedback, here are 3 possible reasons why your application has been rejected.

No specific professional goal

Before you start sending out your resume, ask yourself what your professional goal is, in which direction you would like to develop your professional career path and what your expectations for your future role are. If you don’t know the answers to these questions and you apply for various jobs without being convinced that this is the perfect job for you, then there is a high probability that the recruiter will have a similar impression about your candidacy and will not consider you fit for this position. For the employer, apart from the fulfillment of the basic requirements specified in the job ad, your motivation to take the job is equally important. If you are not focused on your development in the area that the position you are applying for is related to, your chances for employment are lower.

You write one thing and then say another

Have you decided to embellish your resume to increase your chances of getting hired? Do not go this way, the information you provide can be quickly verified during an interview or technical check. By providing false information, you risk getting lost in your statements during the interview, and when your lies are revealed, you will lose credibility in the eyes of the recruiter and you will not be offered the job.

Did you present yourself from the best side?

The interview and technical check are the highlights of the recruitment process that you should make the best use of. If you have not been preparing yourself for these meetings so far, this may be the answer why your recruitment processes turned out to be a failure.

During a recruitment meeting it is not only your hard skills and experience that are evaluated, but also your soft competencies. If you have given vague answers or not directly to the point, the recruiter may have concluded that communication is not your strong point and that could be problematic for your future manager and teammates.

If you have already participated in several or more recruitment processes, you have probably noticed that these meetings have a specific formula and some of the questions are repetitive. Don’t be surprised next time and prepare answers to such questions. This will help you give more thoughtful responses and highlight those aspects of your experience that may bring you closer to landing a new job.

Even seemingly negative experiences can have positive effects – the most important thing is to learn from the past. If you would like to find more valuable tips for application success, just schedule a time slot on my calendar.



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