How did Polarys help its client implement a compensation review tool to manage group activities in 25 countries?

As the world's second largest telephone operator with 289 million customers in 2016, our client is a major player in the global economy. Polarys was selected to manage the implementation of a salary review tool for the group's operations in 25 countries in 2014. After the project, Polarys will continue to improve the application and open up new opportunities for more countries with strong staff growth.







144.97 billion EUR

Number of MA

104 000 employees


Simultaneous implementation in 25 countries with different HR rules.

Role of Polarys:

Polarys advised and supported the client in:

Bringing and sharing in-depth knowledge of the Beqom tool and Compensation & Benefits features.

Overseeing the project with an initial "big band scope" during the simultaneous roll-out in 25 countries.

Coordinate the project including communication with all HR and IT teams of 25 countries, focusing on consistency and stability

Real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of the solution

Polarys added value

On-time completion of implementation,

Take over maintenance of Comp & Ben solution (two main applications (Performance Dialogue & Annual Reward Review)

Support in controlling variable remuneration: salary increase, incentives, bonus and share allocation

Subsequent extension of the project to other countries


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Nearshore Partner means for you:

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