Nearshore Models
Highly qualified data specialists operate in a niche in the IT world that we at Polarys have successfully exploited for many years.
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When searching for, recruiting and selecting data specialists, rely on data experts who have been consistently gaining experience in international data projects for a number of years and who continuously demonstrate their know-how in building well-functioning data teams.

Our nearshore models:


Selected specialists with the highest qualifications in one or more specific areas, who are experienced in handling implementation projects on their own or can join a project team on a selective basis when their expert knowledge is required.

Team extension

Candidates with pre-defined competencies and experience in development, implementation and operation, who can for example be employed by central data intelligence teams.

Dedicated Data Teams

Fully integrated data teams that have all the competencies to implement your data strategy in the company and, over time, introduce the idea of hybrid and decentralized teams until the tasks are completely handed over to the business domain.

Data Innovation Hubs

An IT organization that is physically separated from the company headquarters and focused on unlocking its full innovation potential with data technologies and creating new disruptive ideas, digital products and data-driven business models.

We are also offering:

Consulting on legal regulations for setting up a business in Poland.

Insider knowledge of the IT labor market in Poland.

Support with administrative tasks and contacts with public authorities.

Taking over the end-to-end recruitment process.

Verifying technical skills using our in-house data experts.

Know-how related to building well-functioning data teams.

Option to build your own Innovation Data Hub without setting up a new location and thus reduce your own organizational and financial risk.

Long-term partnership in sourcing top professionals with expertise in Data.

Available job profiles:




Data Engineer



Data Scientist

Scrum Master

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