Team as a Service

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What is Team as a Service?

The rapid development of cloud concepts has led to more and more companies offering their products and services in the form of services. We have been observing this move towards the XaaS model for some time now. In this context, X stands for different products or services. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS are all well known, but TaaS (Team as a Service) is also quite popular now.

TaaS can cover many competencies, mostly related to new technologies, such as software development, data intelligence, data management, business intelligence, implementation of tools, service & maintenance.

With Team as a Service, you can quickly source experienced specialists in in-demand technologies that your company cannot afford to keep in-house for various reasons.

Advantages of TaaS:

  • Lower entry barrier, even smaller companies and start-ups without an in-house IT organization can afford service-based services with transparent billing methods,
  • Rapid scaling or development of an in-house IT organization, additional teams, an expansion of the existing team, as well as descaling is possible,
  • access to niche competencies, such as data intelligence,
  • more control based on continuous contact and active participation in projects, no more black-box projects and greater satisfaction with project results,
  • long-term cooperation and an option to include team members as part of an in-house organization,
  • no more team building activities needed, full focus on business goals and requirements of your organization,
  • already a well-coordinated teams covering different profiles and competencies, operating according to defined rules, using state-of-the-art technology tools,
  • clever solution to project management dilemmas,
    more sustainability and agility for your IT organization, transfer of useful project practices and know-how,
  • balanced solution between external outsourcing and building up internal IT skills,
  • positive impact on your budget by enabling the TaaS model to shift staff and hardware expenses to Opex, thus improving the ROI of your projects.


We have been operating based on the TaaS model time and again since the establishment of Polarys Polska in Kraków in 2017, and have gained a lot of positive experience working with various international organizations. We would be happy to talk to you about this during an in-person meeting.



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