BI & AI – progressive shortcuts or new business realities?

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Artificial intelligence is no longer associated only with the distant future, but has forever entered the world of IT (and beyond). It’s hard for professionals to imagine reality without the use of GPT chat or other AI-based tools that automate what previously had to be „clicked through.” In IT, artificial intelligence plays an important role in relieving the burden on the employee, increasing their productivity and thus reducing the employer’s costs. 

At Polarys, we use a range of AI tools, from those related to daily workflow to technologies used in projects to generate the highest business value for our clients.

AI projects at POLARYS

For one of our clients, we are implementing a project using advanced Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to transform voluminous documents (more than 100 A4 pages) into tabular data. The goal of the project is to accelerate the delivery of new data for analysis, which directly affects the achievement of the client’s business goals. The use of modern language models, (GPT, Gemini, Claude), combined with vector databases (Qdrant, Pinecone, Weaviate), allows the creation of a cost-effective and scalable system with high efficiency. Without these technologies, all data processing would have to be done manually, which would be suboptimal from the point of view of speed and associated costs.

Implementing this project in the client’s cloud environment opens up opportunities for future scaling of solutions and creation of new automations. These actions will not only facilitate data analysis, but also support employees by accessing previously inaccessible knowledge resources. These resources can be personalized and delivered in the most accessible way, which can significantly affect the quality and speed of work, and thus the company’s competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence tools x AI

The development of artificial intelligence is one of the factors influencing the evolution of analytical tools. One of these tools is Power BI, which last year significantly improved its functionality in AI integration. 

One of the improvements is an update to the Smart Narrative feature, which expands the data for AI summaries and adjusts the context of the data presentation, making the data more personalized. In addition, users can enter their own questions into the summary and AI adjusts the content accordingly. AI also recognizes relationships in the data, allowing for more accurate summaries. 

In the field of data analysis, the last year has also seen an interesting combination: GPT x Qlik chat, which has added another dimension to business decision-making. By activating the data search function in the Qlik Chat application, GPT instantly provides the data available in its resources on the category being searched for, and can also suggest additional data sets that are useful in the analysis we are creating. 

Predictions for the present

Predictions for 2024 are clear: companies will need to invest in advanced tools and technologies to ensure data quality and security, and AI is one of the key trends. Polarys is growing and is constantly being joined by specialists working in BI projects, using AI stacks. In response to current needs as a partner of a company that needs such tools, #TeamPOLARYS can prepare a dedicated solution, implement it and provide support.


AI will revolutionize (if it hasn’t already) very many areas of our lives, including the labor market and our approach to it. This topic is very much present in the technology industry and we have started projects that use artificial intelligence, mainly automating the processes we implement or selecting the data that customers use. 

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